Flexibility rules

Armed only with google maps (see A route with no map), we decided eventually to fold. Just like armies of other people we grudgingly found a bus. It was an awesome ride, but nothing compared to walking the route there. We had achieved most of the route, the altitude had affected Peter which was a shame for him. The grubby surroundings of the ‘restaurant’ fleapit had done nothing to help our morale that morning. The extortion of the gobbing man had added insult to injury. Let’s just get to our objective, let’s get to the gorge. (To Tiger Leaping Gorge 13 July)

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4 Responses to “Flexibility rules”

  • Peter Howitz Says:

    Hello! Do you have some news you want to contribute to and that you think our readers might also find interesting? We are planning to open our blog in a few weeks and I have already bookmarked some of your posts. Best wishes, Peter

  • John Says:

    Hi Peter – thank you for reading. of course we are always interested in being connected with other like-minded people who thrive on adventure and the world we live in…
    Soon we’ll be heading off the China again, so expect a ot more blog posts coming up. Get in touch with us if you think we can help each other 🙂

  • Lesa Sergeant Says:

    In diesem Beitrag ist wirklich alles auf den Punkt gebracht. Weiter so. Ich lese gern in diesem Blog. Vielen Dank.

  • admin Says:

    Vielen Dank das Du unsrere Blog gelesen hast – wir freuen uns auf deine Comment